Too much paperwork, too many emails, too many applications, too many platforms, too many people, too many positions…it’s all just TOO MUCH!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, VirtualCallboard is the ultimate personal assistant for all of your production management duties. It allows you the opportunity to manage your tasks, communications and scheduling all under one roof. It makes your job easier so you can start enjoying life again. Climb Mt. Everest, build a birdhouse, go to a dance party, eat a pineapple or simply spend time with your friends and loved ones.

Multi-Production Management

  •      User-Friendly Setup
  •      Individual User Profiles & Levels
  •      Flexible Management Functions

Effortless Scheduling

  •      Individual and Group Scheduling
  •      Double-Scheduling Notifications
  •      Open or Closed Call Options
  •      Attendance Tracking
  •      Visual-Friendly Calendars & Lists

Customizable Reporting

  •      Simple Formatting, Filing and Editing
  •      Direct Delivery to Contacts

Diverse Communication

  •      Collaborative Discussion Forums
  •      Individual and Group Notes
  •      Production-Specific Announcements
  •      SMS Text & Email Notifications
  •      Efficient File Sharing and Uploads