Post an announcement for a specific production or to the entire site. Announcements automatically expire at the date you specify.

Notes and Email

Send notes to individuals or groups of users at the same time. The system tracks whether the notes have been read by each user.


The discussion forum allows users to post a topic of discussion, attach files or images to it from the File Sharing utility, and specify which users will participate in the discussion.

File Sharing

Easily share files with entire productions or departments. Simply upload the files to VirtualCallboard and it will appear for each user with whom it is shared. You can also create folders to help you organize your files.

Scheduling Calls

Organize, publicize, and track individual and production schedules.

  • Schedule by group or user
  • Automatically checks for double-scheduling of people or places.
  • Create open calls that crew members can sign up
  • Printer-friendly calendar views

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Track Attendance

Managers can enter attendance for all calls on a daily basis or on a per-call basis.  Managers can quickly and easily calculate the number of hours worked by each person in a given week.  They can also take with you throughout your workday.

Users have access to their own attendance records, making it absolutely clear to them when they have missed important calls or fittings.  Managers can print out individual attendance reports for users.


VirtualCallboard allows you to create customized report templates and file multiple reports under those templates. You can specify to which collaborators you would like reports to be sent.

Create a Report Template

VirtualCallboard allows you to create unlimited customized report templates. Need different fields on your production reports than on your rehearsal reports than on your technical reports? No problem.

File a Report

Filing a report is easy. Simply click “File a Report” by the report template you’d like to use, then fill in each field. You are able to save the report as a draft or preview it and sent it to your collaborators.

Report Editing

Reports can be changed! If you make a change to a report, an updated revision will go out to all your collaborators.

Report Delivery

Reports are conveniently delivered to the email addresses of each collaborator specified by the report template.

Contact Sheets

VirtualCallboard allows you to create and print customized contact sheets with any combination of values that are stored for each user. These values include:

Site User Level
Secondary Address
Primary Phone
Secondary Phone
Email Address
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Phone
Allergies/Medical Conditions

External Contacts

Keep your production address book accessible to department staff and retain much needed notes about suppliers and contacts in one place. View past productions for specific vendors and find information on your standard suppliers or retailers. Designers, tech staff & crew can share contact information in one place and determine what departments have access to the information that is sensitive.

User Management

When a user logs in to VirtualCallboard with his/her unique, encrypted username and password, VirtualCallboard searches its database for all calls, fittings, notes, reports, announcements, files, and other resources that are associated with that account.


Each user is able to change his/her own username or password whenever necessary to secure his/her accounts. Users should use strong passwords to increase the security of their accounts.

User Level

Each user is assigned a “user level” which determines what level of access he/she has to the different modules of the site.

Personal/Contact Information

Each user is able to make changes to personal information and contact information. The user also has control over who has access to his/her sensitive information. The user can choose to make certain telephone numbers or addresses public to the full company or they can keep them private so only his/her manager can access it.

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency contact names, phone numbers, relationships, and pertinent medical information such as a list of user’s allergies are collected for each user and are made available to managers and administrators.

Multi-Production Management

VirtualCallboard is capable of managing multiple productions (groups of collaborators working on the same project) as well as multiple projects per production. VirtalCallboard silos the information in such a way that only users who are members of a specific production will see the relevant information about that project.

This powerful implementation allows you to use one VirtualCallboard account to manage an entire season of productions, whether you use the same group of collaborators or an entirely different group for each project.


VirtualCallboard Professional and VirtualCallboard Unlimited allow you to keep online archives of all your internal organization records. These records can be easily accessed at any time by managers and site administrators.

You can also quickly and easily make a digital export of all your data from a deactivated production. This gives you extra peace of mind, knowing that a hard copy is just minutes away.