VirtualCallboard 1.5.2 Released

Home Tab

  • Corrected the issue of the manager’s name getting cut off in the confirmation message of the Notes to Management feature.

Notes & Email

  • When a note is sent, the page will now refresh to update the list with the newest note.
  • Fixed an issue where the note entry field was not showing up when using Internet Explorer 9.


  • Consistently used the same file selector in a discussion’s reply as the one in the discussion’s creation screen.
  • Consistently used the file’s correct name listed in notifications and discussions.


  • You can now safely use symbols (such as ampersands) in report titles.
  • Fixed an issue where creating or copying report templates produced an error.
  • Fixed an issue where the report recipient user list was not in sync with the company in which the report was created.
  • Sorted the report recipients by last name.
  • Removed the report template creation tab. Reports can be created from the Reports Administration tab.


  • We updated the site’s WYSIWYG editor:
    • Spell checking is now enabled by default with red lines indicating when a word is misspelled.
    • Better compatibility with tablets and newer browsers.
    • Expanded toolbars/features.

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