VirtualCallboard 1.5.1 Released

VirtualCallboard Release 1.5.1

Home Tab

  • A profile picture thumbnail for users who recently logged-in now appears next to their names in the last time logged-in list.
  • Limited the assignment of the recipients in “Notes to Managers” to only members of the company.
  • Archived Company’s schedules no longer appear under Today’s or Tomorrow’s on the home tab.
  • Company initials now appear next to all calls.

Notes & Email

  • Added an optional Printer Friendly view.
  • Added capability to change the Selected Company after you have started entering text without losing your work.


  • Added capability to change the Selected Company after you have started entering text without losing your work.
  • Shared Files update when company name changes. More of the name is shown.
  • JPEGs that are attached to a Discussion now show the link to the file as well as the image.
  • When a file is attached to a discussion, the email now includes a link which allows the user to log in and download the file from File Sharing.
  • Added the ability to sort Discussions by each of the column headers: Topic, Author, Last Commented by, and Date.
  • Added an optional Printer Friendly view of the complete thread.
  • Added the ability to use Groups for Discussions.
  • Added an indicator next to the name of any deactivated users that participated in a discussion.
  • Discussion replies now stay attached to the applicable discussion’s Company.
  • Allow edited discussion to be emailed out.


  • Improved the Call Notification Message so the information is more clear with better line breaks.
  • Prevent users from signing-up for an Open Call once the Call has started.


  • Added the Fancy Editor to more Report fields.
  • Improved reliability of the time calculation on the report preview.
  • When a user creates a Report Template they are now automatically added to the report as a user that can file the Report.


  • Reduced the number of required fields on new Outside Contacts.

User Creation & Administration

  • Improved User administration so all of the users stay in alphabetical order and removed the Department breaks. You can see all active users by selecting All Companies.
  • Created a “quick add” buttons for User Creation and Reactivation.
  • Made it possible for individual users to update their own profile image by either clicking on the Photo field in the top right corner of the site or on the Edit My Account tab.
  • Improved single User Creation by adding the ability to add multiple Companies, Titles, and Departments at creation.
  • Improved the process of creating Users with the CSV by adding explanations, warnings to indicate any issues, as well as clarification on where to find new users to edit and assign them to companies.
  • Added the ability to edit the Welcome Message for users created using Import Users from CSV file.
  • Added the ability to see a User’s Company History on the Profile page by clicking on the Show/Hide Archived Companies button.
  • Improved the recognition of valid email addresses when creating and editing users. It will also give a warning if it isn’t valid, without deleting all of the other information.
  • Managers & Administrators can now easily edit a user’s company memberships without having to delete it.
  • Added the option, when Reactivating a User, to Reset their Password and Send Reinvitation Email as well as update their email at the same time.
  • Allow only Administrators to deactivate and activate Users.
  • Prevent the same user from appearing twice on the User Administration page.

Company Creation & Administration

  • Created a “quick add” buttons for User Creation and Reactivation.
  • Created a Manage Users section under Company administration.
    • Allows multiple users to be assigned to a Company from a single screen, via the user drop downs under.
    • Allows the Message to Manager to be quickly assigned/edited.
    • Allows you to see all of the Company’s members at one time, and be able to sort the list by each of the column headings.
  • Created a “quick add” buttons for Company Creation.
  • Added the ability to reactivate an Archived Company.


  • The site now displays the User’s profile image next to their full name in the top right of the page.
  • There is now a shortcut to the Edit User profile page; it uses the User’s full name at the top of the page.
  • Hyphens no longer affect user names in creation, login, or notes.
  • Improved the creation & editing of Groups on the Note & Email and Discussion tabs.
  • Company Selector now sorts the Company list alphabetically not by creation date.

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