VirtualCallboard 2.0 Released

We’ve been busy over the last 6 months refactoring much of VirtualCallboard to better suit your needs, and we are pleased to announce that this upgrade will begin to roll out to all of our customers beginning today!

We’ve introduced several new features in this release.  These include:

  • SMS/TXT Messaging
  • Subscription/Sync Calendars
  • An entirely new look and feel which works better across mobile phones and tablets.
  • Standardized, automatic phone number formatting.
  • Filter calendar views by Space (Location)
  • An administrator can use any day of the week as the first day of the week.

We’ve fixed over 200 issues in VirtualCallboard.  Some of the more prominent items include:

  • We’ve changed the word “company” to “production” throughout the site.
  • We’ve created more consistency in the interactions on how things are added and edited on the site.
  • Changed the date format to a more international-friendly format.
  • Improvements to importing users via CSV files.
  • Changed the way you navigate between calendar views. Changed the format of the Daily List calendar.
  • Standardized date and time pickers across the site.
  • You can now mark someone as “left early” on attendance.
  • Reformatting of the home screen, with even more personalization of the information presented.

Please let us know what you think of the NEW VirtualCallboard. You can send your feedback using the “Feedback” link at the top of each screen, or by sending an email to

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