Everything’s Up To Date in Kansas City!

We’ve returned and recovered from a very enjoyable and successful time in Kansas City where we had a booth at USITT’s (United States Institute of Theater Technology) annual conference and Stage Expo..

We met a lot of great people, signed up some new customers for VirtualCallboard, and even managed to squeeze in a conference session or two.

This year was the fourth conference I’ve been to where there was one or more sessions which discussed management and new communication technologies.  We’re definitely seeing an upward trend in the number of people turning to the internet to find better ways to manage and disseminate company information.  We’re very confident in our product’s ability to do this quickly, privately and securely.

We donated a 6 month VirtualCallboard subscription for the Institute to auction off at their New (and Old) Products Showcase, and we’d like to thank Andrea Shimmoeller who generously supported the Institute and won the auction!  Andrea came by on Friday and got her VirtualCallboard up and running.

We also want to congratulate the winners of the drawing we held at our booth for a free 6 month subscription to VirtualCallboard.

And the winner is:

Steven Williams, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Thanks for everyone’s interest and support at the convention.  We are geared up and ready to grow!

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