Intelligent Call Notifications for VirtualCallboard

We are pleased to announce that we have released intelligent call notifications for VirtualCallboard.

What are Intelligent Call notifications?

As managers create and modify the schedule, users will be notified in an intelligent way about the changes to their calendar.

  • If you’ve been added to a call, the notification will tell you you’ve been added.
  • If you’ve been removed or a call has been canceled, the notification will send you a message stating why.
  • If calls details have changed, the notification will tell you what changed, and highlight that change for you so you’re aware of it.
  • If you change the users called to a call, only those users removed or added will be notified.

How does this work for open calls or recurring calls?

Our intelligent notifications extend to all types of calls, including open calls and recurring calls.

For open calls: When an open call is available, users will get notified that they can sign up. Managers will get a notification every time a user signs up, and when the call is full.

For recurring calls: When a recurring call is created, users will only be notified once (not once per instance of the call).

How are these notifications delivered?

Notifications will come to users via email, TXT message, and/or mobile app notification and can control these settings from the user profile page. We strongly recommend using our mobile apps for iOS and Android.

What do I need to do to take advantage of this feature?

  • Call notifications are now enabled by default for all sites and all users.
  • Call creators can disable the call notification from going out, if desired, by unchecking the “Send Notifications” checkbox on the final summary screen of any call change.
  • Site administrators can change the default behavior of call notifications (on or off) by visiting the Site Administration page.

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