An Update from EmptySpace Technology

Things have been busy here at EmpytSpace!  We are starting of 2011 with big plans, new initiatives, and lots of excitement.  Here are just a few things that are going on:

VirtualCallboard is Spreading

Last year was a growth year for VirtualCallboard.  We more than doubled the number of customers using the service last year.  These customers represented nearly every aspect of live entertainment: secondary education, higher education, touring, regional/LORT theater, dinner theater… we even had a film production company and a church production group use VirtualCallboard last year!

We are trying to look at all the ways we can to get the word out as effectively as possible.  We have a Facebook page (be our friend!) and we are on Twitter (follow us!) and we have our website at  We still get most of our customers, though, from search engines.

To help improve the industry referrals, we plan offer great rewards and incentives this year for customers who bring their friends on to VirtualCallboard.  We will have a range of gifts or discounts available for people who refer others in the industry to use our software.  Stay tuned for more info as we figure out how we are going to exactly do this.

We’ll also be at the national USITT Stage Expo in March.  If you need a pass to see the Stage Expo, let us know.  We’ve got freebies to give away!

VirtualCallboard is Improving

Development on VirtualCallboard continues.  We are hoping to produce consistent releases this year (every two months or so) with various bug fixes and enhancements to the system.

One large thing we are attempting to do in the short term is develop an API (application programing interface) so that other applications can interface with VirtualCallboard.  This would benefit companies who may have other systems (i.e. a booking system) that they would like to integrate with VirtualCallboard.   This also paves the way for future mobile apps (smartphones, tablets, etc).  You can get more information as this takes shape at

New Stuff on the Horizon

We’ve also been slowly working on some new product ideas in the background.  We’re not quite ready to share them with the world yet, but in the meantime, if you know any good developers (or are one yourself) who could give us a hand developing these apps, please let us know.


Sam Anderson
EmptySpace TechnologyLLC

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